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Our technology provides
power to every aspect of life

Power Module Device

with the coming
green future,

Energy Solution

permeates all daily life

Mobile EMS

We create new values
that will move tomorrow.

Future Mobility

Explore the various products
from Hansol Technics
designed to enhance
a better life.


We provide the highest quality
based on advanced circuit design
and manufacturing capabilities.

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Home Appliances

We drive technological innovation and provide optimal integrated solutions across a diverse lineup of home appliances.

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We provide competitive edge to 5G smartphones with differentiated component design and unrivaled manufacturing expertise.

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Solar Module

We provide future-oriented energy solutions by combining high-output, high-efficiency products with eco-friendly technology.

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LED Solutions

With the highest quality and many years of experience, we provide optimal IR and UV LED solutions for in various industrial fields.

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Automotive parts

We build strong partnerships based on our long-term customer experience in the electronic components field, and provide customer-oriented trust and value with the highest level of quality.

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Semiconductor Parts

Hansol IONES continues to grow with customers by providing the highest technology and quality for ultra-precision special parts in semiconductor field.

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